Visit us at IFT, June 26-28th in Las Vegas!

Visit us at IFT, June 26-28th in Las Vegas! - 26/06/17


Oral care has never been easier with Prodiet Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein which helps the body fight against infections.  Lactoferrin is naturally occurring in cow’s milk and human milk and body secretions such as saliva or tears. 

Lactoferrin is composed of two globular units that can bind 2 ferric ions, which is why Lactoferrin has a very high affinity for iron. Prodiet Lactoferrin has a natural and non-denatured form because it is extracted directly from premium quality fresh bovine milk and not from by-products such as whey.  Ingredia’s Lactoferrin has a purification level of >97%.

In oral hygiene, cavities and periodontitis develops by the formation of dental plaque.  Lactoferrin can inhibit this formation of plaque in two ways:

  • it can inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for the formation of dental plaque(1) and,
  • it inhibits the attachment of dental plaque to the teeth surface and aggregation of bacteria responsible for the formation of dental plaque(2)(3)(4)(5).  

The suggested mechanisms of action that the Lactoferrin has is that Lactoferrin binds to the salivary glycoproteins making them unavailable for bacterial receptors(2) and Lactoferrin has an anti-proteinase activity(6).

In our own labs, we were able to successfully analyze Prodiet Lactoferrin’s prohibition of plaque growth. Prodiet Lactoferrin in its native form successfully inhibits formation of dental plaque by more than half after four days of incubation. When Lactoferrin is denatured by heat treatment, this effect is no longer observed, which is why Ingredia makes sure that our product is non-denatured in order to utilize all of its functional properties.


Join us at IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, booth 2092, and discover our new innovation, a chewing gum featuring PRODIET Lactoferrin that promotes good oral health and will limit dental plaque growth.



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