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Ingredia Nutritional - Manufacturer of natural bioactives for health

natural bioactives for heath

Well-beingis our nature

With a 25-years experience
in the field of bioactives, Ingredia Nutritional develops and manufactures high-quality ingredients for the Health & Nutrition industry.

Our innovative ingredients are designed to offer targeted health benefits for real added value that support your new product developments.

Our natural bioactives are perfectly adapted to be incorporated into dietary supplements as well as functional foods & beverages.

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Diabetes prevention

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Stress management


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Bone & joint health


webinaire pep2dia ingredient naturel glycémie saine sucre sang diabète

2 June 2021

Attend our webinar on our innovative bioactive animated by Tammy Keiser, Director of Sales & Marketing and Audrey Boulier, Scientific and Innovative Manager for Bioactive. Pep2Dia® is a natural i...

webinaire nutrition sportive

14 May 2021

Performance improvement is associated with muscular development. A good training and an adequate nutrition are essential. It must provide sufficient amount of protein ; micellar caseins truly represen...