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Consumers are convinced by Lactium® benefits! 4 March 2022

Consumers are convinced by Lactium® benefits!
8 consumers in 10 are satisfied with Lactium®!
After our 9 clinical studies performed on more than 500 persons, we wanted to address a core objective for all our customers: consumer satisfaction.
In the past year:
  • We recruited 300 persons in the world, in 3 distinct regions -namely USA, France and China,
  • We applied a strict methodology with validated questionnaires and partnered up with BioMerieux for their well-known expertise in the area,
  • We had these 300 persons try Lactium® at 300mg/day during 30 days, either in stress indication or sleep disturbance indication.
Results are in and we are proud to announce an overall 78% satisfaction, quite evenly splitted in:
  • 78% in the stress indication
  • and 77% in the sleep disturbance indication.

To learn more on this study and how to use it, contact us!