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Ingredia announces Proferrin® Brand 3 April 2018

Ingredia announces Proferrin® Brand

Proferrin®, lactoferrin in its native and purest form

Proferrin® is a native lactoferrin from fresh cow’s milk coming from our French dairy cooperative.

Thanks to its expertise in cutting-edge separation techniques, Ingredia ensures to Proferrin® one the highest purity on the market, with more than 96% of lactoferrin on total proteins. A gentle drying process enables the preservation of the powerful bioactivity of Proferrin®.

Proferrin®, proven health benefits

Proferrin® activity on health is supported by several in vitro studies monitored by Ingredia’s R&D team:

  • Anti-microbial properties – Proferrin® reduces pathogenic bacterial colonies and inhibits formation of dental plaque (first steps in caries’ formation).
  • An essential support to gut health – Proferrin® helps to renew epithelial cells (growth and differentiation), an important barrier against infections.
  • An outstanding action on the immune response – Proferrin® has an anti-inflammatory effect – it reduces the release of TNF  (Tumor Necrosis Factor), a pro-inflammatory marker.

 Proferrin®, a natural protection for the whole family

Our modern lifestyle, with urbanization and global traveling, encourages diseases to spread faster and with increased frequency. These diseases and infections affect particularly vulnerable people. Thus, dietary supplements for immune health are successful and new products continue to be regularly launched1. In 2017, worldwide sales of Immunity products within the dietary supplement market reach 6 billion USD with an annual growth rate up to 8% (2012/2017)2. 

Proferrin® aims to help particularly people who need to reinforce their immune system such as children, pregnant women, athletes, the ageing population… Proferrin® also targets individuals with iron deficiency or digestive-sensitivity.

Proferrin® can be easily used in different applications: dietary supplements, Infant formula*, functional foods & beverages, personal and oral care products.

For more information on Proferrin®, contact us.

*Wet mix process

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