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Proferrin® and Covid-19: a dairy bioactive to strengthen immunity! 28 January 2021

Proferrin® and Covid-19: a dairy bioactive to strengthen immunity!
With so much of the world’s focus on COVID-19, Proferrin® offers the opportunity to target consumers who want to do everything they can to maintain good health.
At the time of writing, the latest WHO (World Health Organization) states that there have been 59 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide.
COVID-19 came from nowhere, and almost a year later it still monopolises our daily lives in many ways, from healthcare to the global economy.
We can’t hide from the fact that although a vaccination is in progress and approved almost everywhere, COVID-19 is going to be with us for some time to come. There is no quick-acting solution to overcoming this virus, and many consumers are turning to prevention to keep themselves and their families healthy.
With so many immunity-boosting products on the market, people are searching for brands they can trust. Those that have been in their lives for years, or new brands that can confidently provide evidence that the product is safe and will enhance their family’s health.
The extensive research on Proferrin®, and the results, demonstrate that this protein can be added safely to food products and doesn’t cause any harmful effects.
Manufacturers that encompass this consumer need for preventative health in the face of a worldwide pandemic have the opportunity to build confidence, not only in their brands but also in an immunity-boosting ingredient such as Proferrin®.